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  • Do You Feel Cold When You Shouldn’t?

    dog-under-blanketby Vic Shayne, PhD

    Most of us can relate to what it’s like to feel cold when we’re sick with the flu. It’s just hard to warm up. You can be sick in the middle of summer and still want to cover yourself in a blanket. But does this happens to you when you don’t have a cold or flu? If it does, you’re not alone.

    Maintaining a feeling of comfortable temperature is a balancing act performed by your body with the help of several major factors. Few doctors would disagree that the main regulating feature of the human body is the thyroid gland. People with thyroid problems often experience feelings of internal cold and ofen cold hands a feet.

    The thyroid is fed with minerals, and primarily iodine. Iodine is found in sea food such as fish and sea weed. A few decades ago the food industry began adding iodine to table salt. However, table salt is a highly refined substance that may do more harm than good. Unrefined sea salt is the better choice for your kitchen. Overall, though, there are some researchers who are telling us that we are getting nowhere close to enough iodine on a daily basis, and that the RDA numbers are too low to benefit us.

    If you’re experiencing constant cold inside your body, there are three recommended supplements to explore before entertaining the idea of iodine:

    1. BFood Complex: supplies the vitamin B and helper foods that create energy in cells
    2. CellPower: supplies foods that produce energy inside the mitochondria of cells
    3. SuperGreens PhytoFood: supplies green foods with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and warming foods.
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