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    Improving Hair Luster with Good Nutrition

    When I was in college I worked in a warehouse for a huge retail company.

    One of the fork drivers was a man in his mid thirties who had dandruff so bad that he combed his hair every ten minutes. It was sad that he didn’t know what to do and he was obviously self conscious about it.

    I’ve also known people with itchy scalps, split ends and brittle hair.

    Fortunately, there are simple nutritional suggestions that will help.

    Your Hair, Inside and Out

    There are two ways to approach hair and scalp problems — inside and out:

    From the Outside there’s certain chemical components to avoid.

    From the Inside there’s what you’re eating.

    If you concentrate on both sides of the issue, so to speak, you’ll have more success.

    Outside: Watch What You Put Up There

    Be careful what you put on your head.

    Obsession with appearance is a disease in this country and millions of people put chemicals on their heads without thinking twice.

    They believe that if they go to a hair salon or a store the products have been approved by the FDA and are safe to use. Not true!!

    Unnatural chemicals are never safe. They always create side effects and they accumulate in your body as toxins. This is bad for your hair, not to mention the rest of you.

    So don’t poison your head with artificial ingredients in gels, dyes, straighteners, curlers, shampoos, conditioners, toners, softeners lighteners or darkeners.

    Switch to organic soaps, sprays, gels, shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that contain herbs, not artificial chemicals.

    Inside: Feed Your Hair Through Your Mouth

    What you eat affects the quality of your hair and scalp.

    If you eat foods that unbalance your hormones, your hair suffers. Among these are bad fats, fried foods, junk food and artificial ingredients.

    Good fats and oils

    Bad fats and oils can cause dandruff and do not feed your hair.

    Eat the right fats and oils for a positive impact on your hair:

    • Unrefined, organic olive oil
    • evening primrose
    • borage oil
    • flax seed oil
    • And, above all, organic COCONUT OIL.

    Excellent Sources of many of these can be found here.

    Substances that should be cut out of your diet:

    • vegetable sprays
    • margarine
    • canola oil
    • trans fats
    • potato chips
    • french fries
    • fried foods of all kinds

    Sugar is Terrible for Your Hair

    Sugar is awful not only for your hair, but also your skin, scalp, fingernails, and hormonal system. Don’t eat sugar if you want to help your hair.

    Adding more seeds and nuts to the diet also helps, because they contain not only good oils, but also vitamin E, which is a great hair helper.

    Additional Nutritional Supplements for Your Hair Health

    Taking daily whole food supplements and essential oils can give your body the nutrients it needs to improve your hair luster.

    This excellent supplement regimen (combined with the dietary suggestions above) can make a big impact over the course of a few weeks and months:

    Wheat Germ Oil: 1 capsule a day

    ProMin Complex: 8 tablets a day

    Borage Oil: 4 capsules a day

    Coconut Butter: for all your cooking

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