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  • Heart-warming story of NutriPlex Formulas. You won’t find this kind of emotion and commitment from most companies!

    by Janice Shayne

    CEO, NutriPlex Formulas, Inc.

    I decided I need to start a movement away from things that kill the earth and that kill us, and that kill our children, that are sold to us as the opposite.

    • GMO food
    • Chemically grown food
    • Poisoned food.
    • Chemical vitamins
    • Isolated vitamins
    • Poisoned vitamins

    It is essential for the health of the planet and the health of our bodies and the health of our children that we must do this.

    I teach food, I love food, I live with food, I know my life and the lives of my children depend on food. I want it to be the best, the purest and the safest it can be.

    If it is, I know I don’t need endless drugs, surgeries, or other inadequate offerings.

    Therefore, it cannot be fake food, foul food, or forced food.

    Because this is what I demand, I have to pay attention to everything that has an impact on the food I eat, offer to my friends, give to my children.

    • I must pay attention to the soil, the air and the water.
    • I must pay attention to corporations, chemists and politics.
    • I must not be afraid to stand up for what I want and demand it for the common good.

    It was obvious, it was always there, but I never noticed it until I gave birth and knew what selfless and unconditional love was. Love so strong I would do anything, cross any ocean, fight any battle and even think outside the box until I could find what I needed to protect and nurture the ones I loved against the modern urban killer that I saw all around us, affecting every family I knew: Sickness and Disease. From chronic ear infections and ADD to childhood leukemia and cancer, it surrounded us, and the statistics were staggering.

    Everything used to “combat” sickness and disease, in reality, makes us more sick.

    What I found was that everything used to “combat” sickness and disease, in reality, makes us more sick because it doesn’t, in truth, make us healthier, in fact it is a huge contributor to the problem. The chemicals of drugs alone and their production is not only killing our bodies, but killing our air, soil, our rivers, streams, lakes and even oceans.

    I believe in supply and demand. I believe people will stop demanding chemicals and drugs when they know and can trust there is a proven and successful alternative. I searched and searched for my own family. I had to find a way to deliver the right kinds of food, the right combinations, so we could repair our health and then build our health and then maintain what we had repaired and built. Since I couldn’t find an answer that I trusted and felt was something I could incorporate into my life, I had to do what any passionate mother would do: I had to invent one.

    At this point I have to proudly admit, I didn’t do this alone. I turned to the one person I knew cared about my family as much as I did, my husband. Our journey took us years of exploring and experimenting. We went back to school, we created a library in our house of books, journals, studies, references, research. In order to clean out our bodies, we cleaned out our pantry, our refrigerator, our take-out menu drawer. And we started talking to people. To doctors, health food store owners, restauranteurs, food science researchers.

    I have always hung my head with a touch of shame when I admit publicly that I am a perfectionist. You know the type of personality that drives people who work for you nuts. But now I am so glad that is an intrinsic part of my personality, because I hate compromise. When I am forced to do so, I find myself pushing, always pushing the line, raising the bar, setting the standard. So finally in order to quench our thirst for answers, we decided to go back to school and become healthcare practitioners ourselves.

    When it came time to carry a line of nutrition in our office to ensure people would get exactly the nutrients they needed delivered in clean, unaltered foods to bring back their health, we could not find a nutritional company that had the same worldview, the same high standards, the pure food approach to healing, or even products that were impressive enough in their formulations to warrant our giving them to our patients with confidence.
    My husband and I were told what we were insisting upon wasn’t possible. We decided we should do it ourselves. We reasoned that if we didn’t want to settle for less, there must be other healthcare practitioners, and certainly patients who were being underserved. However, when we offered a business plan and looked for investors, we were told it had never been done, and no one would understand it, and therefore it would fail.

    The point of no return

    But, we couldn’t turn back. We could not see ourselves sitting in front of parents of a sick child, and giving them less than what we believed in (which happened often). No one believed what we believed so we did what all crazy, passionate nut jobs do: We maxed out our credit cards, sought out the best ingredients we could find, put all Vic’s education and research into crafting five exquisite formulas of foods from all over the planet that research showed would heal the human body and make it strong, and we started our own line of nutrition.

    With those formulas, we started teaching our patients how to eat better, how to clean out their pantries and refrigerators and bodies. And people started to get better. People with conditions that are considered lifelong chronic illnesses that are to be managed at best, with drugs and surgery. It wasn’t us healing people. It was food and it was knowledge. Food in the right combinations, of the right quality and purity with the right nutrients. Knowledge of what those foods were, made it simple and made miracles happen.

    NutriPlex Formulas is born!

    That’s when NutriPlex Formulas was born. In our little clinic in Carefree, Arizona in 1997.

    NutriPlex was the result the passion of a mother and father with limitless love and apparently not just for our own children, but for all the children whose parents will listen.

    We’ve had our company for fourteen years now. We did find a handful of doctors who were passionate also. But we weren’t sure how to reach out more than by word of mouth. Remember, we maxed out everything we owned to get started. We knew we must be doing something right when we started getting threatening phone calls from our competitor’s sales reps in different parts of the country. But unsure as to how to proceed and putting profits back into research and development we haven’t been great about telling our story. I actually would worry if the big boys in the industry would start to come for us. After all we were just a David to their Goliath, we were David without a slingshot.

    Plus we had never been in manufacturing before. We had a lot to learn. It was a good thing we were highly motivated on a daily basis by the sick and the desperate people that would somehow would end up on our doorstep after “all else had failed” because the federal regulations, the negotiations on raw ingredients, the fights with the industry as to “standard procedures” in manufacturing was overwhelming. But we kept going, and we also tried to balance our small “baby” with our two other babies who were growing up in the meantime.

    A David without a slingshot

    I guess today, I am used to being David. Even without a slingshot, the years of hearing doctors telling me the huge difference our formulas have made in the lives of their patients, and even having patients take the time to call us personally to thank us, has given me confidence and strength in mission. Now my mission is to spread the word of what we have and stop letting the Goliaths of the world intimidate me with their size and capital.

    It’s a new world out there, and I am excited that I can reach out and let people know there is a better way, and if you already know that, but don’t quite know how to proceed, if you want to give your family the very best you can, I want to share everything I have learned. I want to live the saying: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I think I am ready to fight the good fight!

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