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  • How Drinking Cola Can Make Your Body Fall Apart

    coke-cannutritionresearchcenter.org — Drinking cola can literally make your body come unglued in a short period of time. Scientists have linked excessive consumption of soft drinks to deterioration of teeth, loss of energy, and, more recently, muscles and bones.

    Dr Moses Elisaf from the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Ioannina, Greece, shows that symptoms can range from mild weakness to paralysis, much of which comes from a depletion of potassium from the body. Case studies looked at patients whose consumption ranged from two to nine litres of cola a day. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual quantity to drink.

    Two examples are: A 21-year-old woman who was drinking at least three litres of cola a day and developed fatigue, appetite loss and persistent vomiting. “An electrocardiagram also revealed she had a heart blockage, while blood tests showed she had low potassium levels. The second also had low potassium levels and was suffering from increasing muscular weakness.  It turned out she had been drinking up to seven litres of cola a day for the last 10 months.”2

    Bottom line: Among other things, cola drinks wipe out your potassium levels. Between this and the sugar, the health impact is horrific, with cavities, heart problems, inflammation, slow wound healing, acne, diabetes, osteoporosis, attention deficit, nervousness and more.

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    Rather than drinking cola, doctors of nutrition recommend that the best drink is purified water. Secondly would be organic teas. It is preferable not to add sweeteners, but if you must, honey or stevia is preferable to the white, refined sugars commonly found in most commercial drink preparations.

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