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  • Man-made Chemicals are NOT Foods

    by Vic Shayne, PhD

    It may seem obvious when I say that man-made chemicals are not foods, but what impact does this have on what you and your family eat?

    The human body is not meant to ingest a diet of man-made chemicals because there are basic building blocks to health that each body requires for disease prevention, cellular health and normal replication, healing, emotional and mental support and generation of healthy tissue. Nutrients are found in foods, air and water in their most natural state. So, when you eat a diet of corn chips, soda, ice cream, pizza, cookies and Fruit Loops, you are starving your body of nutrients while at the same time breaking your body down at the most cellular level.

    Consider these facts and you’ll understand why most people are sick with a chronic condition: Americans eat nearly their body weight in sugar every year, refined sugar diets lead to diabetes among other diseases, transfats cause heart disease, aspartame (artificial sweetener) can cause nervous system disease, hormones in dairy foods cause hormone problems in women, chemicals in food can cause cancer.

    We are so far removed from what is natural that most people wouldn’t even know what to eat if they were told to remove all chemicals from their diet. What’s left? The answer is: fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, nuts and meats without hormones, antiobiotics and other drugs.

    Similarly, most supplements are chemicals, even if they are so-called “natural” vitamins.

    The only real vitamins are those still contained in their original foods. This is what makes NutriPlex Formulas’ whole food supplements (such as NutriPlex’s CellPower formula) different from vitamin and multivitamin pills. Whole foods contain food ingredients that cannot be found in these other common supplements. Click here to read more about this.

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