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  • They’re Lying About Alternative Energy!!

    When we’re told that alternative energy is a thing of the future, we are being lied to.

    Actor Johnny Depp owns an island in the Caribbean and is having his residence run on solar hydrogen fuel. The technology is a thing of the present, not the future.

    Look at this video and you’ll see that it is possible NOW to have power, electricity, alternative fuels, etc. It is not a thing of the future as the politicians and oil barons would like us to believe. It is possible NOW and is being done right now. So what’s their excuse for continued pollution and destruction of the environment?

    Watch this video. It’s wonderful: you’ll see how Michael Strizki created a hydrogen solar home in New Jersey.

    [youtube xEdQRVQtffw]

    If you know of other videos showing intelligent energy alternatives, send us an email.

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