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  • Top Five WORST Things to Drink

    1033175_orange_juice_2Not too many years ago, relatively speaking on an interplanetary timeline, human beings drank mostly water. This is because water is the best drink, bar none. Now we have to qualify this and put the word “pure” before water to ensure you’re not drinking polluted H2O.

    Here we are in the modern era and facing a wide range of beverages. But few of the drink choices in the grocery store are GOOD for YOU. In fact, most lead to a destruction of health. The FIVE WORST drinks include:

    1. Soft drinks. These are filled with up to 8 teaspoons of refined sugar per glass, or more!
    2. Artificial soft drinks. The artificial sweeteners are even worse than consuming the sugars of regularly sweetened soft drinks.
    3. Hard alcohol. Especially in excess. Alcoholic beverages injure the liver, brain, hormones and more.
    4. Commercial fruit juices. These are loaded with dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives, highly refined sugars, and even toxic hard metals. Even if there are few additives, commercial fruits are highly sprayed with pesticides. If you want to drink a bottled fruit juice, make sure it’s organic or biodynamic and contains only fruit juice. Still, since these drinks are all pasteurized, you’re not getting much nutritious value.
    5. Commercial fruit-flavored, imitation drinks. These include Crystal Light and their ilk, and contain artificial sugars that offer up side effects ranging from headaches in sensitive people to cancer.

    If you want to do your body a favor, NEVER, NEVER drink the above drinks. Drink pure, filtered water and, on occasions, juice squeezed from real, organic fruits. An occasional biodynamic wine or beer is also okay for most adults.

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