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  • Where does the mind end and the body begin?

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    by Vic Shayne, PhD

    Psychology and physiology are merging in some areas, and it’s proving to be a good marriage. Leading edge doctors of both disciplines are now recognizing that the mind and body are one organism. And nutrition helps.

    Modern medicine is a new enterprise. While drug companies, physicians and hospitals may love to brag about how they are the best thing going, the reality is that they are the new kids on the block and have a lot to learn in order to fully address most of the health issues of the modern world.

    Mindbody medicine is as old as the eastern hills

    In the ancient world, in places such as China, Tibet and India the idea that the mind and body enjoy a symbiotic relationship and affect one another is a foregone conclusion. Traditional eastern healing disciplines have recognized for thousands of years that the emotions, stress and thoughts affect specific parts of the body depending on the type of mental state.

    But modern thinkers are going beyond these ancient systems and have begun to understand that the mind is not to be confused with the brain. The brain is in the head, but the mind is literally everywhere because its impressions, trauma and feelings are stored throughout billions of cells in the body. In addition, thoughts and emotions are apt to create physiological effects such as restricting blood flow and oxygen to various parts of the body.

    The mindbody connection is a deep, interesting and inspiring subject. Doctors are studying not only how pain and disability such as headaches, backaches and urogenitary conditions can result from mental states, but they’re also looking into how to use thoughts to reverse illnesses.

    Feeding your mind and body with nutrients

    For the moment, however, without going into detail on the fascinating topic of mindbody health care, what’s worth considering is that when you feed your brain, you are also feeding your body.

    Many problems with emotions, stress, anxiety and the inability to concentrate can be addressed with specific nutrition. Chief among this nutritional approach are vitamin B complex and essential fatty acids. These nutrients play an important role in nervous transaction, brain activity and more.

    You can begin with BFood and Fish Oils

    If you are involved in psychological counseling or have stress and anxiety, or even aches and pains, these nutrients will offer both your mind and body with support.

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