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  • Why isn’t eating more healthfully an obvious choice for most people?

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    by Vic Shayne

    One of the reasons people are slow to change into a more healthful eating pattern with non-toxic foods is that they identify with the foods they’ve been eating. Negative comments about such foods are often taken personally. This is a big part of the resistance to eat organically and get off the merry-go-round of junk foods and commercial processed foods, even if they know these are deleterious.

    This is supported by recent findings by researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    People believe the marketing then swear by it

    According to university researcher Tiffany Barnett White, “When companies get consumers motivated about their products, they are just as motivated to protect the brand as they are themselves. So it’s really more about the self than the brand. When people can self-affirm through other means and activities, they’re not defensive at all.”

    White said, “Consumers are highly resistant to brand failure to the point that they’re willing to rewrite history. It not only explains why so many Toyota customers ignored the negative brand information in the aftermath of the highly publicized recalls, it also accounts for why they’re quick to defend the company and why they would want to re-write history in a more positive way.”

    How do people let go and make the healthy switch?

    So, we’re left asking the obvious: How do people abandon their identity with their Sugar Frosted Flakes or Big Mac and jump on the health wagon? To use the vernacular, it ain’t easy.

    Marketing gurus and psychologists are stumped, but I have my own thoughts. I believe it’s a matter of consciousness. There are those who think for themselves and those who follow blindly. And there are those who have a certain degree of intellectual curiosity that drives them to discover a world beyond their own. Plus, there are those who are injured or wronged — sometimes their health declines or they lose a loved one — and they reflect upon their own diets.

    Tragic loss can create a change

    I have a very good friend whose wife just died of cancer. One of the things he said is that he is going to go organic, because he knows that a lifetime of eating toxic foods can cause cancer. Tragedy can bring on a change of heart and a change of eating habits.

    My advice: Don’t wait for a tragedy.

    The poisons that exist in commercial foods are capable of causing a wide array of symptoms and diseases. You can’t be swayed and hypnotized by corporate advertising that allows you to ignore the dangers of eating artificial ingredients, hormones, steroids, additives, emulsifiers, MSG, refined salt, sugar, aspartame, antibiotics and all the rest of the junk that’s found in commercial foods.

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